When You Seek A Commercial Production With Colossal Film Studio - You Get More

Lights - Camera - Action! How great would it be to get a production finished and be able to get that clip on television? We understand that and offer you options. So we are presenting the Colossal Film Studio Production & Media Buying Option!. We can help you produce and film your commercial and put it all together for a client approval. Upon approval, we are a registered media buyer so we can actually get the commercial aired on Cable, National or Network television. We provide a discount larger the anyone in the industry because we do it on volume.

How Do You Start The Process At Colossal Film Studio!

It is a very simple process to begin with our decades of experience and professional guidance. We will assist you through each step of a commercial production according to the budget you outline and a proposal to ensure that we are in an agreement. First we begin by gathering your goals and message to achieve, then prepare a script and present the commercial concept to you. You approve and we start the process of filming and editing.

Need a Voice over? It's really no problem with our specialized voice over specialists .

It is so easy to put you in your commercial with our green screen soundstage. Clients can easily download the information form and either email back and or bring in with you. The experience from start to finish and your personal opinion about the service you received from our professional staff.
Download the informational package and return to schedule your productions. CLICK HERE!

We are going to be filming people and posting on the website. Similar to television shows like American Idol, families can also assist in getting choosen by a voting from the public and referrals that come in which earn bonus points. Winners will receive special FREE treatments for being a part of this production.

We will provide an MP3 of the audio and video for you to use on your website for a small charge to re-format.

Our Bonus Concepts

In addition to the commercials we offer placement of the commercial on television networks, cable and local programming to make sure that you are obtain the proper viewer audience to maximize your dollar value. We also get get you positioning at Crypto Nation TV - a 24-7 news channel that is now in 14 countries airing live. Reach the largest audience with this package! Visit cryptonationtv.com to see the show and more information about coverage areas.

We do corporate videos and web casting as well - We do more then you think - One call and questions is how to learn more.

Creating a corporate web cast or presentation: Utilizing our amazing and very large green screen, we can give the audience a virtual set to see to enhance your presentation and with proper editing, make a powerful multi-segment video. This can also be used in many different ways.

Corporate websites for people to be interactive on the screen. All can be made into a commercial to maximize your investment with us.