What's the Difference Between Experience in Studios Today?

When you are looking to do a project these days, there are studios popping up all over the place. What seperates each studios is clearly experience and hands-on production work. Just because they offer a few things doesn't mean that they really know how to film or prepare a stage, equipment or have space available.

Virtual studios provide our clients with the ability to keep a production cost down using a full green screen. A real production studio has what film and commercial makers need, space and high ceilings. This requires space large enough to place a set or multiple sets. It also requires the right power to have the right lighting. Colossal Film Studio is a building that has been around and has filmed 4 motion pcitures in the past year. We are also currently doing reality TV shows and broadcasting television shows as well as making content.

Another thing to consider is office space for pre-production. Having one office becomes a loud and consistly busy place to work. We offer apprximately 30 offices to use and multiple conference rooms. This allow people to line up each day of shooting with plenty of light and office ammenities to do the job right .
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Professional Studios Make Your Life Easier and Your Budget Lower!!!

When you have everything you need in one place, life becomes easier. From filming to office space, Colossal Film Studio makes the true experience of filming a pleasure and a place you will enjoy returning to day after day. Some of our special features are a jaccuzzi and sauna spa that allows production heads to relax and release the pressure of filming. It also keeps high profile actor/actresses in a much calmer atmosphere to keep them focus and comfortable to capture that perfect shot in a few takes.

Our Philosophy

Every client presents a situation that is unique only to them. The diversity of these situations requires the use of several production needs. A single person cannot possibly or accurately deal with all of the unique situations that various clients present.

Utilizing the right team from an experienced studio provides multiple solutions through communication. This studio is more cost effective for production crews because it offers space, offices, draft services, private parking and so much more that make it easier to film. The studio also features 32 foot ceilings which is perfect for grid lighting. We have the ability to utilize several options to accommodate the different scenarios our clients present.

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We Stand Behind Our Work!

Our Studio philosophy is centered on clients and their specific needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with a production studio that will provide the most successful outcome with long term with confidence. This is, under special circumstances, why we are able to provide our clients with specialized rates for long term filming. The only requirement is that you continue to use our facility for future projects.

When entering our studio door, you are going to receive the best care, given production options and clearly made to feel as if the pressure has been lifted and you are able to achieve the desired result without worry. It is a fact that we are privately owned and operated but large enough to give you more options then any other studio in Arizona. This helps you in more ways then one, because of our many filming options are bigger, our pricing structure is better, we buy product in larger bulk and translate the savings to you. Come in and take a tour of our facilities and ask as many questions as need to feel comfortable. By the time you leave, you will almost feel as educated as our staff.