Hollywood Magic is Captured In Phoenix - What Could You Do With This?

When it comes time to chose a location, Phoenix has the best weather forecast in the country!
The main reason to chose Colossal Studios is because we are the proud source for the largest motion pictures in Arizona. We are offering our own incentives to keep film makers, independent films and commercial makers a positive location and a reasonable price. We are a right to work state so that helps budgets obtain the best for a lower price. Arizona is up for legistation to pass the tax credit bill and we are gearing up for a flood gate of people coming to Arizona. With out 155,000 Square Feet facility, we can house up to 10 movies allowing 3 to 4 bays to each without interuption. Plenty of parking and easy highway access makes this a perfect location for any project of any size. Located about 15 minutes from the airport and plenty of hotel accommodations to keep on-time schedules with no delays.

That's right, the time is now to start producing your superbowl and Pro Bowl commercials. We are accepting scheduled dates for filming commercials with a wide range of opportunities that meet your budgetary needs. From green screen to set production, Colossal Studios provides 155,000 sq ft of production capabilities that can meet any set designers space. Fully air conditioned in each bay makes filming anything a cool and refreshing locaiton to produce vibrant creations.

Did you say broadcasting? We provide a top level location for any television broadcast to utlize for the games!

Whether it is a virtual set or need a set built, Colossal studios features a full virtual set production that brings life to any project. .

We have a variety of options for you to choose from including pre-made set construction or custom built sets with our team of construction builders in-house. We want our clients to leave happy with the price and creation we provided with our highly experienced team of professionals

We offer reasonable pricing to meet budgetary needs. There is no place that can offer this type of space or experience!

We oOffer Daily rates for green screens

We offer our pre-existing Stages ( Western Saloon or diner setting) for special weekly or monthly rentals

Special Incentives and Discounts for extended days of filming. We will work to meet your budget.

**We Offer our great Military, a special discount and credit service specialized for active duty personnel**

It's Easier Then You Think! Colossal Studios Makes Your Project a Success!

Sometimes patients associate implants with pain. In some cases a slight discomfort is apparent only from keeping your mouth open for an extended period of time. In some case a small incision is made on the gum line but requires only a stich or two to help you heal more quickly. Our doctors can prescribe a mild pain pill but in most cases an over the counter pain medicine is all that is needed. The following day you will be enjoying foods you want and smiling with pride. Enhance your confidence and your ability to eat foods without the use of denture creams.

Artistic Pre-Made Sets Available for Rental! Save Your Budget With Colossal Studios

Every Smile is Worth It!
We have several different sets that can be rented to save your budget. We offer :

• A Full Diner with 5 tables and windows to give the perfect authentic look

• A Western Saloon with Bar, Stunt Tables and Complete props to achieve the look

• Western street. Perfect for any type of use, and completely changable to fit scene

• 34 Foot Ceiling to achieve perfect lighting

Video Presentation on Sets - Coming Soon .

A Picture Gallery To Give You A Look Inside Our Amazing Selection of Sets


Multiple Bays 6 total bays 15K, 30K, 26K, 30K, 18K

  • Multiple Bay for filming any type of movie or broadcast needs. Total of 155,000 sq ft.
  • Bays are seperated by wall and offer loading dock, staging area and holding areas.
  • Green Screen 130 Ft by 26 Ft height
  • Diner Stage 45" X 20'
  • Western Saloon Stage 80' X 150'
  • Giant Bay 4 : 30,000 sq feet
  • Solo Bay 5 : 30,000 sq feet
  • 12 Loading Dock Doors with 8,000 sq ft of Storage space
  • Folk Lift Ramp
  • Parking for 200 cars. Grass area is 1.5 acres - fenced in with security gate

Production Offices Available

  • First Floor Area - 12 Pre-production rooms available 10' x 12' rooms. With phone lines and Internet
  • Massive Lounge area 80' x 30' with kitchen, couches, television and coffee machines
  • Second floor 24 Offices ranging from 10' x 12' to
  • First Floor Conference Room 30' x 10' with ktichen area and coffee machines large table holds 14 people
  • Second floor conference room 26' X 20' open area
  • Second floor Spa area. Complete with Jaccuzzi and Sauna area.
  • Second floor has shower area
  • Full Hair and Make-up room. 6 Chairs with mirrors, coffee machine and lounge kitchen
  • Front Lobby 40' X 25' with receptionist, magazine area, couches and atrium with water fountain!
  • Handicapped Ramps and Parking
  • Rental Space with private storage lock up