Plenty Of Offices 30+offices

FALL 2017 3 Comments by Studio

When you are seeking a facility for filming and setting up a ready-to-go pre-production office or posting facility, Colossal Film Studio has over 30 offices with internet ready access, telephone line connections and full air conditioning with scenic views and large windows. Amazing abilities!

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New Technology Comes Here

FALL 2017 10 Comments by Studio

Streaming is the future and Colossal Film Studio is now building content and helping production companies of all sizes achieve their dreams by providing the studio for production and also offering a positive way to get distribution on a television IPTV network. Call to obtain a pricing sheet..

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Mergering with Broadcasting - IPTV Network

FALL 2017 10 Comments by Studio

As many filming and broadcasting companies come to a studio, it is important to have an outlet for distribution of your project. Colossal Film Studio has merged with Ace Media Broadcasting ( to provide that distribution and ability to obtain 24 hour programming content.

Visit our partner at and see what your future can be with Colossal Film Studio.

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Reasonable Rates for Booking Early

FALL 2017 10 Comments

We are booking various projects and we always work to accommodate your needs. When booking 6 months in advance, we will provide the best pricing available. Call Today and get a break down of pricing basis on production and staffing needs right now !

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Launch of the Mobile App

FALL 2017 10 Comments

Fans of the technology era, get ready for the future of production and the amazing advances in mobile technology. . Soon you can make an appointment, get information, get studio updates and more with the new moble app.

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Movie Productions are coming back

FALL 2017 10 Comments

From hollywood pictures to indepent films and commercials, we are the right place to start. From experience and accomplishments, we are clearly everyone's first choice for any project! Call today as we can book up fast!

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All New Videos Coming Out

FALL 2017 10 Comments

Colossal Film Studios is pumping out some unique and powerful videos that will introduce alot of our space inHD! Yes we are taking virtual tours to a new level. Check out the all new videos here and experience what it would be like to film in a major studio in Phoenix!