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Fall 2017 10 Comments by Studio

Luxury in the Southwest is what film makers call our studio! Colossal Film Studio is your one-stop production shop, what ever your production desires are. Co-production, locations, casting, crewing, tax incentive recovery and more – just one call creates a powerful relationship. You do not need to travel to many places because we house production offices and rent out space for all you filming needs, everything you need is right here on the lot. We have full phone and internet services, office furniture and equipment as well conference and executive offices. Why would you choose another location? At 20 days of rain a year, your almost gauranteed sunshine everyday at a normal 75-80 Degrees all winter long!

There is no other place in Arizona like us...

Our facility can house super bowl commercials, Music videos, corporate video presentation and interviews and motion pictures that keep clients coming back. With a specially sized green room, hair make up dressing rooms and kitchen areas located in each of the bays, you will have your production needs under one roof. We provide a comfortable atmosphere, friendly service and a southwest warmth to your production.

When You Have Space to Work - Production Finished ON-TIME

medium2When a production comes to Colossal Film Studio, it is important to note the size of the facility which allows film makers and television crews to build the set with plenty of room for audio set up, art directors construction area, craft services to lay out and simply put, have room to walk around to reduce accidents. It is a favorite location because of the specialized features and highest ceilings in all of Arizona..

With multiple bays comes multiple opportunities to utilize multiple bays for each scene which ultimately save time and money. Specific to art directors and line producers where the budget factor comes to be a main factor, Colossal Film Studiowill work with you to provide a solund solution to meet your budgetary requirements. Call today and speak to one of our studio specialists to captilize on a perfect location for filming your next project. Don't forget the weather is perfect everyday!

  • Largest Studio in Arizona - Located in Phoenix Arizona
  • Highest Ceilings in Arizona - 18 Foot Garage Door Openings for loading Props and Crane
  • Plenty of Parking - holds about 200 cars trucks and trailers.
  • 18 Loading dock doors with forklift ramps
  • 30 office rooms for production staff - FAX and Phones installed.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Craft Service Area - additional storage areas for props inside and outside

People all over the country are now realizing that Colossal Film Studio is exactly like other major studios in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami with the same in production value with a more attractive cost then other cities as this is a right-to-work state. Arizona's production crews are also know as a series of events in New York and Chicago allowed for major crews to come here and join forces, give you a First AD Unit that has the experience and reputation of excellence.

When searching for the perfect spot for our motion picture production, we visited Colossal Film Studio and were simply amazed. Coming from major cities we were used to certain facilities and when entering Colossal Film Studio, we found the gem in the southwest for our filming needs. Since then we have booked more projects here - Wow is it BIG!.-


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We have 20 years of experience in owning and operating a major production studio that has been used by motion pictures, television broadcasts and corporate commercials. We are here to assist you develop your project from start to finish. We have invested in enough space for all to be happy while doing your production. We work hard to provide you with everything to make your experience as enjoyable as possible with an affordable pricing structure to achieve your dreams. Just call as we are quite friendly and willing to help you.