Who we are?

  • The State of Arizona Recognizes Us as Top Production Company As the largest company in Arizona for filming and the most Hollywood movies completed, we are clearly the perferred choice for top companies in commercials, film or event broadcasts.
  • We have the equipment, the team and editing to achieve success and make huge ROI!
    We offer a complete package from start to finish for all types of video production work. Our editing systems to audio recording, we have everything in house and mobile ready for your call.
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What we do?

  • We make brands, success and exposure happen! You may wonder about how a video commercial gets on Youtube or Google video and plays prior to a video starting, we do that. You may need an event covered and a place where viewers can see it, we do that. You may need a commercial made and placed on network or cable, we do that! We are a premier production house recognized by top companies, film makers and by the State of Arizona.
  • When you need exposure, call the professionals to help you get out there!
    We have said this for years... We'll Make You Famous! One call is all!.
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See the Video Streaming Video, We are working to provide options for clients.


Offering amazing pricing for broadcast coverage of an musical event, sporting event or even a charity event. Maximize your earning potential and we will show you how! Get your event on a tv channel or on one of our streaming center hosting!

Top Earning Features

Charity Events Getting 10X in Dollars

Because of the exposure and the broadcast hits all mobile devices, we are reaching millions of people instead of just who attends. Adding auctions and donations on-line makes huge growth in funding to charities. Hottest trend in Charity Events Right Now!.

Making Budgets Work With Specials

As a first time client, we are willing to outline several package deals that work within your budget. You will get top production teams and expeirence that will guide you to a perfect result that you will be proud of.

877-726-4585 EXT 704

The number to call for your broadcast production and complete event broadcast. We will help you throughout the entire process and provide a series of brochures to ensure you understand the process and cost involved. We are here to help so one call is all you need to make!